Refresh your memories

Over the years Ben Shaws has been a very busy brand. From humble beginnings in Huddersfield, the brand has seen many changes over it's 140 year history but one thing has stood the test of time; the fantastic taste that you never forget. Scroll through the decades to refresh your memories of Ben Shaws...

  • 2008-2013 Divider
  • Celebrating 140 Years

    Celebrating 140 Years

    2011 is a special year as it marks the 140th Anniversary

  • Ben Shaws Consumer Campaign

    Ben Shaws Consumer Campaign

    Remember having to get up off the sofa to change channel?

  • The Search for the Nations Favourite Family Chippy

    The Search for the Nations Favourite Family Chippy

    Fish and Chips. Three words that warm the hearts of Britons

  • Drinks of Yester Year Micro Site

    Drinks of Yester Year Micro Site

    Ah, those were the days…

  • Fish and Chip Point of Sale

    Fish and Chip Point of Sale

    As many of us fondly remember, Fish & Chips on a Friday…

  • Ben Shaws Relaunch Huddersfield

    Ben Shaws Relaunch Huddersfield

    Shoppers stepped back in time as an old-fashioned horse…

  • Packaging Redesign

    Packaging Redesign

    Staying true to Ben Shaw’s roots…

  • 2007 Divider
  • Old Packaging

    Old Packaging

    The brand has seen a wide range of packaging over the years

  • 1970s
  • Miss Ben Shaws

    Miss Ben Shaws

    In the heady days of Miss World, Yorkshire had it’s very own

  • 1959
  • Cans


    Ben Shaws was the first company in Europe to can soft drinks

  • 1920 Divider
  • Life in the Factory

    Life in the Factory

    In the Willow Lane Factory, every morning at 10.30am…

  • Glass Bottles

    Glass Bottles

    For years Ben Shaws came in glass bottles

  • Pop Vans

    Pop Vans

    Technology soon advanced and Ben Shaw wasn’t left behind

  • 1871
  • Horse and Carts

    Horse and Carts

    Ben Shaw began distributing his tasty traditional drinks

  • Back in the Day

    Back in the Day

    1871 saw Ben Shaw leave his job in the textile industry

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